22 November 2013

Third Grade Rocks the Weather

Josephine's third grade program was on the weather.  She had a speaking line in the autumn section.  She was last, the one with the football jersey, number 1.  (Her line was: Owls in trees and a harvest moon so clear, that's why autumn is my favorite time of year.)  She is not suddenly a Sooner's fan; she was just supposed to wear something fall-ish.  Most of the boys in her class wore their camo...  Later in the program they did a special effect and asked the audience to be quiet.  First, they rubbed their hands together, then they slowly started to snap their fingers, randomly.  Their music teacher was directing them the whole time.  They moved from random snapping to quick snapping, to patting their knees.  Occasionally someone would clap loudly and flash a flashlight.  See where this is going?  It was so cool to listen to the class make a storm.  Once the thunder clapped a few times, their teacher brought them back down to raindrops, then down to sprinkles and finally back to rubbing their hands together to imitate the wind picking up.  It was very impressive.  They got a standing ovation.  When they sang about winter, they made a snowman out of one boy in the class; it was adorable.  Then he danced with the girls who created him.  After a fun song about snow days, all the kids reached into their pockets and pulled out a "snowball" (wadded up lined paper) and threw snowballs at the audience.  Fun program.  They did this song by Owl City:
Very clever.  The last song, which I also videoed, but, it's too long to add here, was about how Arkansas is their home.  It was so sweet.  Joey was thrilled with the program and very excited to be chosen for a speaking role.  They also sang the Arkansas State Song:  Arkansas, You Run Deep In Me.  The lyrics can be found here.  A very nice night and a sweet girl!

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