26 April 2010

How NOT to use An EpiPen

Do NOT try this at home....

Our youngest, Jay Michael, has three allergies: dogs, nuts, and eggs. All very common items around our house. To date, however, I have managed to not use his epi-pens. Until the other day...

I was showing my friend how to use an epi-pen in the event of an emergency, because I was leaving my two youngest kids with her while I went to an appointment. While I showed her, I actually demonstrated the use of the pen by sticking my finger. OUCH! Man, that hurt. I was all tingling, and I had a heavy taste of salt for the next few hours. I even have an entry and almost-exit wound to show for my stupidity.

entry wound ::: exit wound (my nail stopped it)

15 April 2010

Josephine Is A Star

There's nothing cuter than pixilated little soccer stars....(and the un-pixilated one, of course!)

Josephine has started her first organized sport - soccer. Her team is called the Stars and they wear bright screaming yellow jerseys. She is one of six kids on the team. Everyone plays, there is no goalie, and no-one keeps score - officially. Her first few practices were not easy; I had to do the warm-ups with her because she wouldn't play if I weren't on the field with her. Now (about three weeks into the season) she will walk right up to her team and start without me. Progress. She has a friend from church on her team, and her coaches are day-care teachers, so they are great with the kids. The Stars won their first game, even though one of the little guys on her team scored twice for the opposing team! Josephine scored twice, too! Go Stars!

learning the rules through drills

09 April 2010

Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung here in central Arkansas. By day our weather is comfortably in the 70s and cool 50s at night. Pollen is coating anything that stands still long enough. Bugs are coming out of their hiding places and color is everywhere. It's inspiring.

Spring means many things. You have spring cleaning, spring break and spring into action. It's a sudden push forward and a time of rebirth and renewal. In that spirit, I have decided that in the future, instead of making New Year's Resolutions, I will instead embrace the wholistic re-examination of my life in the spring. I will renew and reinvent with this season. I say this in part, because, since I'm being honest here, I never really did make or keep New Year's Resolutions. I mean isn't there enough to do at Christmas? And who wants to change their ways in the middle of a cold spell, with all that media pressure? I never did. I'm with nature - renewal comes in the spring...
So, this year I will make my renewals now, in the season of rebirth. (Not to mention publicly, on the blog, for the world to read and hold me accoutable....)

First, I will de-clutter. One room at a time. One closet at a time. Thank you James, for pushing us to clean out the garage. I love to be in there now. I can breathe. And thank you Melissa, for redoing my JustWriteCards closet. Aaaahhhhh. Now I can find the tools I need to make the cards I draw, but haven't created. Now on to the rest of the house...

Second, I will follow through. I have this awful tendency, as pointed out to me by my children, that I don't finish what I start. I don't hold up my end of the bargain. My daughter did me a huge favor, for which I thanked her and promised her a fast food meal (a rare event at our house). Three days later she wasn't keen on what I made for supper and asked if she could go to Wendy's instead. You promised me, Mom. I did. She got her combo meal and I got pushed down a peg. I have to follow through...

Third, I will pay compliments. Apparently my children also see me as critical. Ouch. I will be more open with praise and more quick to cheer on their good works. Let's start right now: Rachel is compassionate and creative. Samantha is driven and observant. Charlotte is sweet and curious. Josephine is witty and helpful. Jay Michael is generous and energetic. James is forgiving and strong. Wow. I live with some amazing people.

Easter and the celebration of the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ are all about rebirth and hope. I hope to follow His example, His life.

07 April 2010

KidBits -- 7 April 2010

KidBits is my way of fitting on all those personal and wonderful pictures of my amazing kids, but, without doing a separate post for each. Lazy or economical? You decide....

Our weather lately has been FANTASTIC. Upper 70s by day, plenty of sunshine. Mid 50s by night. Delicious. Open the windows and breathe in the pollen. It's been so good, in fact, that Josephine decided we should go get lunchables and have a picnic on the twirly thing at the park. And so we did.

Charlotte is not playing soccer. She likes to go to practice, though, and walk the dogs all around. The dogs love it. Charlotte also had a great report grade recently - straight 3's. (In the first grade, A=3.) She also had straight O's. (O= outstanding, the best grade in the side categories, like conduct, penmanship, use of time, courtesy) Love it Charlotte. Keep up the good work!

Samantha is back at gym practice (after an extended break for whooping cough) and just attended the end of season party. She is pictured here holding the fondant gymnast that was atop their cake. Her comment was, "isn't this cool-looking, Mom? I can do this on the beam." So casual about her athletic gift. Also on that note, Samantha will be representing her school at track and field day in the 200 meter race. She beat every other girl in the fifth grade. Every. Other. Fifth. Grade. Girl. And in her casual tone, she would add, I bet I can beat the boys, too...

Rachel is also back at soccer and playing in the goal most of the time. After enjoying an undefeated season last year, her coach moved her team up to the next level of competition - a traveling team. The teams are tougher, and Rachel's Bulldogs are learning more and losing more... Rachel also started art lessons after school. (back in January) It's taught by her art teacher at school and she only invites students who show promise and dedication to art. Rachel is loving it.

SpiderMan and SuperMan.