01 November 2013

A Beautiful Day - For a Kite

James has many hobbies - he plays guitar, he plays video games, he loves sports.  Since his injury, he can't do most of anything he enjoys anymore.  But, some days the weather is just so amazingly beautiful that it just calls your name.  Today was just that day.  Blue skies, perfect gusty wind, kids to play with - and his kite.  James has a stunt kite we bought years ago and when the conditions are just right, he loves to take it out to play. 
We set up his chair so he can be comfortable while he flies - 'cause believe me; he will pay for all this activity tomorrow with a sore back and tight muscles all over.  Isn't this picture cool?  The clound behind the kite makes it look like the kite is a jet with a wake in the sky.  The kite has two strings which allow James to steer it and do tricks.  It's fun to watch.
This is literally how we spent our days on our honeymoon.  We bought him a kite (we were in Ocean City, Maryland, staying at a beach condo....) and I laid in the infield of a local ball field reading a book, while James flew his kite for hours.  He lost control of it at one point one day and it landed in some trees out side of right field.  We had to chase it down, untangle it all and get it back up in the air again.  All was well and I went back to my book.  I remember falling asleep in the sun and he was zipping all around the outfield with his kite.  Ahh, carefree days....
On the playground that you see in the background of the kite picture, we have Joey and J. Michael, climbing the rock wall.  Josephine is demonstating with her hair just how windy it was outside.

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