30 September 2020

Splash - September 2020

Sepotember's splash is the Ball Team on a location hunt.  Rachel found that the oldest Quaker Meetinghouse on the Easten Shore of Maryland is located in Talbot County, so, without delay, we set out to find it.  This is the front gate to the property, which includes three little cottages, a brick meetinghouse and a large white painted commonhouse.  The grounds are in a terrible state and there are construction trucks working on the site.  We just caught a few pictures and left them to their work.  If I remember, we should go back and do an update.
We tried posing across the gated entrance, but, it was too wide for a group shot.  James, however, thought, he would help the trip by posing as Sasquatch.....
And Ezamay is getting so big.  She can do "so big" and clap.  Her laugh is like peace.
She's ten months old!

26 September 2020

Taming the beast

 James' hair is curly.  It's so curly that most people don't know how long it really is because all they see is curls.  It's beautiful, but it requires some work.  Here's James' before and after photos.

Very handsome!