22 November 2013

Let's Eat, Y'all....

JMichael's kindergarten presented the cutest thanksgiving program ever.  EVER!  JMichael is an ear of corn, the one on the top riser, all the way on the left.  His teacher, Mrs. Hardage, is the narrorator.  The children are either pilgrim men (bang, bang), pilgrim women (oh mercy me), indian braves (brave and strong), indian squaws (shhhh, they were cradling dolls and from my seat I couldn't get them in the frame, sorry....), turkeys (gobble gobble) or corn (pop pop).  As Mrs. Hardage read the Thanksgiving story, the children chimed in with their parts.  I didn't get the first part because I was giggling too much.  The preacher had the last line, but it's hard to understand on my awful video - he says, Let's eat, y'all !  Oh, don't you wish they could stay in kindergarten forever?

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