26 November 2013

The Lady In The Pink Sweater

I was out the other day with my little ladies - Charlotte, age 10 and Josephine, age 9. We had been running errands and the last one of the day was to stop at Kroger for a few essentials - milk, bananas, etc.  So I sent them into the store with a short list and some cash, because I was honestly still sore from my mountain climbing adventure the day before.  Pathetic, I know, but, they are old enough and quite capable of getting a few groceries all on their own.  Then returned to the car with groceries in hand and ALL the money I had given them.  The receipt read VISA, and they were both brimming to tell me the story...
They told me that they went to the self check out and the clerk noticed that a ravioli had fallen out of the bag.  Charlotte went back to get a different ravioli bag and Josephine stayed with the groceries.  While Charlotte was gone, a lady in a pink sweater came up to Josephine and said, dear, did you walk here?  Do you need a ride?  Did you get all the groceries you need?  Josephine said she was shy, but, she gave the lady in the pink sweater one word answers.  With that, the lady swiped her card and said, at least I can pay for your groceries.  Charlotte came back and they left the store.  The lady in the pink sweater, who apparently had a cartful of groceries herself, had not been in line with them, she had just come over to them.  She continued her shopping in the store.

My dilemma was this:  do I chase this nice lady down in the store and insists she accept my money in payment?  Or, do I allow her kind deed to continue and let her have the blessings she will certainly receive as a result of her kindness?

I chose let her continue her shopping and count myself blessed to have been the recipient of her thoughtful gesture.  Her kind deed will be remembered at our house and I hope it will inspire others to "pay it forward" as well.  Thank you, lady in the pink sweater, for our groceries and your selfless example to us all.

Editor's Note:  My children have the habit and reputation for not wearing shoes.  Yes, even in Kroger, and yes, even in November.  For the record, during this particular incident, both Charlie and Joey were wearing shoes and were appropriately dressed for both November and Kroger.  (The little ladies were worried that they looked homeless, and that's why the lady in the pink sweater paid for their groceries.)

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Marc and Liz Anson said...

What a blessing! I think in this instance, paying it forward is the answer :)