13 November 2013

Seussical, the Musical

Rachel's high school drama department produced Seussical, the Musical this fall.  It was a huge hit.  JMichael and Josephine's classes had field trips to go watch the show and they both loved it.  I went with Charlotte and my friend Anissa to see the show on Saturday.  It was wonderful -colorful, bright, busy and a little on the weird side - just like I think Dr. Seuss would have wanted it.  The high school has so many talented vocalists and actors.  Rachel is in a great program to feed her need for the stage.  She is pictured below with her friend Natalie, who played a bird.  Rachel was a Who.  If you remember last year she was in Seussical, and she played JoJo, the Mayor's son.  That's a big role and she had a duet with Horton the Elephant.  But, that was junior high.  Now that she's in high school she has quickly learned that she is the low man on the totem pole and she is looking forward to the day - which is coming SO quickly - when she is the junior or senior and she can get the big roles.

The spring show is Beauty and the Beast - Rachel tried out for Mrs. Potts, but, it went to a senior.  Rachel will play the entrantress, a villager (which means she has solo lines in a song) and a piece of silverware (more solo lines).  That show will be in March.

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