31 May 2019

Splash - May 2019

This splash was taken over Easter weekend, at Mom's house in Elkton.  This is one of the few times I have even descended the hill in her backyard - it drops off pretty sharply into a little creek.  The spring grass makes a good backdrop for this month, though - and the spring weather is just too pretty to be inside.  My five May flowers.  May, 2019

Moving in May - again.

Charlotte and Josephine cleaning after the move.
Mom and I finished off the kitchen.  I didn't take many pictures; it was just work.

I had been looking for a new job for a few months.  Well, more like a year, probably.  It's frustrating when you know you aren't a fit where you are, but, you have to find another fit while doing the job you have.  I went on a dozen interviews - I knew I nailed some of them.  That's another frustrating feeling - thinking you can do the job, liking the people you meet, knowing you will be a good fit; then, though, you don't get the job.  Well, now I know why - I didn't get those other jobs because the one I DID land just rocks.  I'm grateful that the others rejected me.  I'm with Coon & Cole, LLC now and this is where I belong.

My new office is about an hour away from our old house.  We are still on the Eastern Shore, just more south now and in a considerably larger town.  The ladies love that there's a Chick-fil-A and a Target within ten minutes.  I like having a Michael's and a variety of grocery stores.  

Moving is work, though.  Mom was an angel - very helpful in every stage.  Packing, purging, cleaning, unpacking....on the day of the move, we had Eric and Abbey, with Jimmy, Kerry, and Jason - more from Abbey's family - plus Robbie, Samantha's friend and Matt, too -  just giving up a Saturday.  So wonderful.

I know Josephine misses her friends; Charlotte misses her job and I miss our big yard and corn field neighbors.  We are in Easton now, and we have neighbors and a little airport across the way.  A big difference.  But, I love my job, the schools offer more and the doctors are all here.

With this move, too, Samantha left us.  She's now in Fruitland (south of Salisbury), living with Rachel and Matt.  She's working full time and adulting just fine, even though she would rather be ten and a homebody again.

19 May 2019

Mother's Day, 2019

Eric and I, in flash of inspiration, celebrated Mother's Day this year with - wait for it - our Mom.  What did you do to celebrate the woman who taught you how to a good person and improve the world around you?  No idea.  That sounds impossible.  Every reader knows this  - even if your situation is different (cause it is) - your Mom taught you, loved you, guided you and corrected you, even when you didn't know it and even when you didn't want her to.

Eric and I surprised Mom.  We were sitting in her pew when she walked into Sacrament Sunday morning.  She cried.  It was perfect.  After, we went to Olive Garden.  Such a nice day.  Mom rocks.  And doesn't Eric look nice in his suit?

Nelda Mae Edwards Ball Brewer (1959)
James' mother died at the very young age of 54.  Here she is at about sixteen, ready for a dance or a party.  I've heard so many stories about this strong and dedicated woman.  She was smart and adaptable - she lived all over and I can honestly say, that I have never, ever, ever heard anyone say a cross word about her.  Never.

I was able to meet her just before she died.  I was there in the hospital and she could not speak, but, she held my hand as James sweetly introduced his mother to his wife.  She smiled and I squeezed.  We will have much more to talk about when I meet her again.