30 April 2019

Splash - April 2019

The blooms in Maryland in April are amazing.  The earth has truly spring to life and the weather is breezy and sweet.  This tree, which I made four out of five climb, is majestically situated next to the Dollar General in town.  It really is remarkable how the blossoms just drape down and dance in the wind.  In person, the tree reads much more pink than this photo shows - so springy.  And those extra large blossoms in the tree?  The not so pink ones?  And that red one leaning on the trunk?  Yes, they bloom too.  All year long.

21 April 2019

Easter, 2019

Easter this year was all about the weather.  Dag it's been a cold winter with enough snow for five winters.  But no longer - it's breezy and warm and sweet outside.  So for Easter, at Ma's house - we ate outside and we played outside.  Warning - lots o pictures....

We start with colorful food.  Cool eggs, huh?  Delicious, too.

the crowd gathers to eat in the kitchen, but, we took all the plates outside and ate on the deck.

After eating, we had an egg hunt.  Mom had "hidden" a certain number of eggs and boxes in the yard, so each "kid" could find a certain number of eggs.  At the end, they found everything "egg-cept" for one.  Ma later found that egg - a purple one - while mowing the grass.  After eating some candy - cause you just have to, right? - M had the "kids" line up for games - everyone was such a good sport.  No prizes for the winners, just fresh air and lots of laughs.

Like this laugh.  Samantha asked me not to post this one - I'm doing it anyway.  This is my prize for the day - watching my kids all have fun playing Grandmom's silly games.

The whole lot - Standing is Farmer James with Grand[Ma].  Then we have Rhett (Samantha's friend), Markel, Samantha, Charlotte, JMichael and Josephine, then Rachel and Matt.  I took the picture.

It was a fun day - Family, deviled eggs, candy and games - what could be better?  Thanks Ma for a fun Easter and hosting my crowd.

19 April 2019

Josephine and her Eighth Grade Formal

I have to say that I am not a fan of formal affairs for fourteen year olds.  Some of Josephine's eighth grade friends wore dresses that cost hundreds of dollars and had hair and nail appointments, with dinner dates for an eighth grade dance.  It's a little extra if you ask me.  But, I did agree that she should go - just on a budget.  She found this dress for $42 - borrowed Samantha's shoes and had Samantha do make up and Charlotte do her hair.  Now that's how you do it.  She said there was a playlist for music and she danced with her friends.  She's pictured here with Chelsea - hamming it up for a big night out.

09 April 2019

Josephine's hand

This is what happens when you have a bright kid with a little too much free time in class and a access to a sharpie.  But isn't it cool?  Josephine's hand art, April 2019

08 April 2019

JMichael is Student of the Month

I am not a homeroom mom.  I do the occasional project for the teachers and James and I go to conferences with teachers, but, I am not a room mom.  Thanks to all the other women who have helped in my kids' classrooms over the years - not my scene.  Having said that, if my daughter or son is getting an award at an assembly, well, then, we are there.  Except for this one.  JMichael brought home a letter saying he was getting an award - he didn't know what for - and the assembly was at nine the next morning.  I can't make it, I apologize, and this sweet young man, says, no problem, you can take a picture of me when I get home.  So, I did.  Then we called Domino's and ordered his free small pizza he was given.  "Student of the Month"  That was out of the whole school - not a big school, but, there are at least two classes of each grade - kindergarten through fifth.

Plus - his fifth grade picture.  Dag, he's adorable