30 April 2012

The Stingers - Soccer, Spring 2012


Jay Michael has started playing soccer. His team is the Stingers and all the kids are 5 or under.  He is being coached by a guy in our ward, and of the eight kids on his team, the four boys are all in our ward. Every Wednesday, Jay Michael is ready for practice and every Saturday he is all pumped up for soccer. He LOVES it. In this clip, he's the curly-headed black-shirted dude with skills - and yellow socks. The showboating might need to come down a few notches, but, when Jay Michael is on the field, he is all about the game!  And don't worry - the little guy in red was just fine....

CAPAA Spring Ballet 2012

For the past two months, Samantha and Josephine have taken a weekly ballet class. This is something Josephine has been asking to do for a while, and I think we'll be back for more classes. The teacher is a local high school senior, who is teaching this class for high school credit. The ladies love her. Before you watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the screen to pause the blog background music. Just throw roses....

28 April 2012

{AR} Travelers Ball Team

Dag, I've been a non-blogger for so long that the blogging world changed while I wasn't looking!  Picnik is gone.  Very sad.  And Blogger itself has a whole new look.  I'm fumbling around, but, I'm back.  This photo is one of the adventures which has kept our family busy lately.  The BallTeam goes to the ball park!  We got free tickets from our bank - love that - and we spent an evening watching the local minor minor minor league team - the Arkansas Travelers.  I couldn't tell you the score or the players, but it was fun.  Notice how Rachel and Samantha are both taller than I am?  Charlotte isn't far behind them....