29 November 2017

Splash - November 2017

November's splash was taken at JMichael's soccer game.  His team had a great season  - they only lost two games, which were both to the same team.  This photo was just after the championship game, under the lights, at Worton Park.  They played well, and even led the first half, but, in the end, they lost 5 to 3.  JMichael was happy to be a part of his new team and started every game.  He and three other boys made up the offensive line and they had some great passes and scores.  On to next season.

26 November 2017

Thanksgiving, 2017

Thanksgiving.  Here we all are.  This year I did not cook.  Like, at all.  Eric and Abbey invited us down, with Mom, to their house for Thanksgiving weekend.  It was fantastic.  We all went to the Hebron Fire Hall to eat with about fifty other people - Abbey's side of the family.  There was enough food to easily feed everyone and enough leftovers in the Fire Hall fridge to feed the volunteers for days.  Abbey's aunt even had to go trays so we could all take our favorite dishes home, too.  Sweet potato biscuits, loaded mashed potatoes, hams, stuffing, sausages, salad, mac-n-cheese, cranberry sauce, all the fixings.  It was delicious.  We spent the evening at Eric's watching football.  The ladies all went out that night - at my insistence - to try black Friday shopping, on Thursday night.  It was an epic fail.  Lines were unbelievably long, and it turns out that the xBox One i thought I had found for such a good price was available on Amazon for the same deal. Abbey ordered it right there in the middle of Kohl's and we headed home.  Friday we made Christmas wreaths and plates and ate leftovers.  The boys put up Eric's Christmas tree and the ladies decorated it.  We strung their lights, hung the holly and headed home late Friday evening.  What a great way to be together - eating, creating, and celebrating.

19 November 2017

Tom Petty lives

Actually, no.  Tom Petty died earlier this month.  James and I saw Tom Petty in concert last year, and I'm so glad we did.  Tom died too early.

So one Sunday night, we were all at home.  Well, Evan was at work, but, Rachel and Samantha were in the basement.  Charlotte and Josephine were on screens.  JMichael, James and I were watching football.  James' phone rang and it was Evan.  He said he had a co-worker who had four tickets to see Damn the Torpedoes, a Tom Petty cover band, in Baltimore.  Tonight.  Wanna go?

James emphatically answered, absolutely.  So, Rachel Samantha, James and I headed headed off for a spontaneous night of adventure.  We found the venue in downtown Baltimore and we were all thoroughly impressed with the band.  They really did Tom justice.  Amazing.  Thank you, Evan, and your co-worker (who was sick and couldn't go) for treating us to a fun night out.

On a side note, I was very proud of Rachel and Samantha.  They knew the lyrics and sang and danced and had a great time.

14 November 2017

Cute Kid Quote: Home Screen

We were out driving the other day, coming home from somewhere, and Samantha (18) said, Mom, look at that field.  We live in the Microsoft Home Screen.  So, I snapped a picture.  Turns out she's right.

04 November 2017

Work day at Mom's

Mom had some big projects to accomplish before winter, so she needed big help.  Eric and Jimmy came up for the day with power tools like chainsaws and power washers.  Abby painted a fresh coat on the patio furniture and Samantha, Josephine and JMichael followed Eric and Jimmy around, picking up what they were trimming off of Mom's shrubs.  Samantha got to drive Eric's truck all over Mom's yard, and down the back of the property to the stream.

I worked inside with Mom and Abby, and then we all ate supper.  Mom's all winterized and the place looks trimmed and neat.  Bring on winter.