31 January 2020

Splash - January 2020

This first splash of 2020 was taken at the Chinese restaurant where we ate out for Christmas Day, 2019.  We ate Chinese, sushi and dessert.  The place was actually kinda crowded and everything was fine, until we walked out. James went to pay the check, the ladies filed out with various bags and jackets, and Mom and I brought up the rear, making sure we had everything we came with.

A man followed us out.  He was alone and not very scary, but, he stayed close to us and it was just uncomfortable.  As we paused outside on the sidewalk to rearrange and set up for a picture, he was still too close.  Charlotte handed Ezamay to Mom, and as Mom is holding her and Charlotte is putting down bags, the guy lights up a cigarette.  Charlotte politely but directly said, Sir, please don't smoke around my baby.  They guy didn't move; Mom walked toward the fence with Ezamay.

We took a few shots using the fence as our background and the guy followed us.  Too close, but, not right in the mix, you know?  It was weird.  Charlotte has never had a problem with confrontation.  She asked the man again, please don't smoke so near the baby.  To his credit, the man took her 'hint' and he walked off back toward the restaurant.  He stayed on the sidewalk as we packed up and departed.  It was kinda creepy.

And Ezamay, shown here with her Aunt Joey, is growing like a weed and is everyone's favorite little bit.

13 January 2020

JMichael by a neck

Well, this has finally happened.  JMichael is taller than Josephine, who is taller than I am.  JMichael will be twelve in about a month, so this is about right - all his sisters had passed me in height by the time they turned twelve.  In a recent doctor's visit, JMichael learned that he is projected to grow still more and should be about six feet tall by the age of 16.  I gotta stop feeding him.