28 February 2016

Splash - February 2016

The Splash for February was literally taken in the dark with a flash on an iPhone.  Still, I think it turned out great - the silver frame caught the light and everyone is smiling.  Samantha's friend Emily was with us when we took this picture and she was helping with the wisecracks to keep everyone smiling.  Happy Valentine's Day from the BallTeam.

27 February 2016

JMichael is Eight!

JMichael is eight.  In our faith, that means he can choose to be baptized.  Ma came to visit for the occasion and we had a fantastic service.  Our sister missionaries spoke on the covenant of baptism and the gift of the holy ghost.  About thirty people came to support JMichael in his decision and witness his baptism.  It was a great day.  Just.  Great.

Afterward, we went out to eat with Jim and Jean - James' Dad and his wife.  We had Chinese food and then we hung out at Jim and Jean's house, and I kinda played with the kids while the adults talked.  Afterward it was so pretty out we went to the Old Mill - a favorite place to romp on a beautiful almost spring day.  This picture is actual of all of us at Chili's.  We get spoiled while Ma is in town with eating at restaurants - our family of seven thinks eating out is the dollar menu at McDonald's.  Chili's is BIG deal.  And it was delicious - thanks, Ma.

Two random shots of JMichael - here he is at church with his best buddy - Derrick.  These two will be caught running in the halls and giggling in class.  What a sweet paid of boys.  For his birthday itself, JMichael and Derrick went swimming at the rec center and came back to our house for an afternoon of laser tag in the back yard and video games.  What more could an eight year boy want?  (A fishing trip.  That's what JMichael would say....)

And here is JMichael at another of his favorite things - a basketball game.  It really doesn't matter who is playing; JMichael wants to go.  He will often spend his Friday nights out with Dad and our friend Tim at the high school game.  Go Panthers.
At eight JMichael is in the second grade and reading fairly well - not his favorite; he still gets extra help with his dyslexia - and he loves math.  He still loves anything that involves a ball and running.  He is a little sports nut - he can tell you all about the soccer players and the NBA players.  It's so fun to watch a football game with him and hear him yell at the officials just like his Dad and call the plays like his Dad.  He just gets sports.  I hope that ability to apply the rules and make decisions will help him in his life. 
He is still mortally allergic to nuts of all kinds, but, he tolerates grass and dogs much better.  His asthma is controlled and he only seems to notice he can't breathe well when is falling asleep.  He has three favorite blankets, he loves his fan while he sleeps and he wanted a puppy for his birthday.  Sorry little man, maybe when you're twelve?
JMichael with Sister Abigail Forsythe!  Happy Birthday JMichael!