31 July 2020

Splash - July 2020

The July 2020 splash was taken at the big ladies' house in Fruitland.  We all got together for a cookout in their backyard. I really like this particular photo simply because everyone is just so relaxed.  I only have to say, okay, time for the splash, and everyone just forms a group and smiles.  They offer up ideas and props and it just works.  See in this photo how everyone s wearing red white of blue?  I didn't ask them to do that - they knew we would be taking a splash and they were ready.  (the little ladies still do coach JMichael on what to wear...)  I'm so thankful I started this habit over ten years ago.  These pictures are priceless.

Speaking of priceless - look at the Brownie Bite - ten months old and rocking her new kicks.  She does love a good burger.