21 June 2011

Summer trEats

You know another great thing about summer? (There are so many) This is one of the ladies and Jay Michael's favorites - eating out! Out by the fire, that is!
We have a main course of roasted and toasted hot dogs....

And a sweet, melted dessert...
Plus a Mom-bonus: No dishes!

18 June 2011


My friend Cindy and I were talking a while back about how she needed a ziploc baggie because she had a number of small items she wanted to keep together. I didn't have any baggies, and I mentioned that I only buy baggies when I have money leftover, because in my book, baggies are a luxury item. I mean luxury in the sense that they are not critical to survival, and you can find something else to use in their place. For example, we folded a piece of paper and taped the edges, making an envelope and put her small items in there. We didn't HAVE to have a baggie, but, it would have been easier and more convenient. It would have been a luxury.

We went on to talk about how when she was little, her mom told her often that she couldn't buy her q-tips, because they are a luxury. We found that what is a luxury to me (ziploc baggies) may be commonplace to another. I suppose it's just a matter of position and situation.

My friend is moving away. She brought me a present before she left and told me that she wanted me to have luxury. So sweet. Thank you, Cindy. I will be sending you q-tips every year for your birthday!

15 June 2011

Swim Lessons

Jayden, Anna, Kierra, Callie, Josephine and Emma with their swim teacher, Sister Dawn Brown

Josephine had two weeks of swim lessons, with our friend Dawn Brown as her teacher. Dawn is a natural athelete and certified in all sorts of sportsy stuff. She is also fantastic with little kids. Her enthusiasm and encouragement were contagious as she taught Josephine's class of swimmers. After two weeks, Josephine can dive off of the diving board, without goggles, and swim to the steps (about 15 feet away). She swims underwater, treads water and is learning the strokes.

Thank you Dawn for being a great leader, thank you Shellee for the use of your backyard, and way to swim, Joey!

14 June 2011

Little Furry Friend

For approximately the last year, the BallTeam has played host to a sweet four legged guest - Lexi. She is the family dog of our friends, who weren't able to take her along when they moved last summer, but, always wanted her back with them. So, this weekend, our furry friend will leave us. I'm sure there will be tears. Such a good dog. I know her family has missed her, and I know she'll be happy to back with them, but, I hope in the back of her canine brain, she will remember her stay with our family, and smile a puppy smile.

Her before and after shots of her recent grooming. She has to be gorgeous for her trip, right?

08 June 2011

Here we go....

...into the summer! I love summer. It's my favorite season. I love the heat and humidity. I love the freedom and loss of structure. I love saying, let's have sandwiches for supper; it's too hot to cook. I love just having time to enjoy.

This year summer will be a little different. James is home, still hurting and recovering, so I'm working almost full time. I really enjoy my job (legal assistant at a solo practioner's law office) and the ladies I work with everyday. But truth be told, I'd rather be doing laundry and taking the kids to the pool.

With summer reading programs, summer majors, sports, church and friends, the kiddos will all be plenty occupied, and I'll still have a chance to relax with them. Plus, I'm in no hurry to have two kids in junior high this fall. How did that happen?