13 November 2013

Reffing, 102

At 14 and 15, Rachel and Samantha can make about $14 per hour reffing soccer games.  They had to complete an 8 hour class and their certification lasts a year.  This season they did games almost every Saturday, and a couple of weeknight games.  Are they loaded?  Nope.  They buy their own make up, pay for their tournaments at school, they even took the family out dinner - Rachel took us to Arby's and Samantha took us to Burger King.  They went to the movies with friends and they bought their favorite food - candy.  These two burn up calories as fast as they consume them!

The guy on the left is Spencer Hazeslip - family friend and Samantha's future husband (running Hazeslip/Ball joke - except that I'm serious, I think they would have smart, beautiful children...but I don't get to pick husbands.)  Then Rachel in the middle and Samantha on the right.
Same gang, showing more personality.  This is more what they are really like - striking poses, playing around and enjoying their job.  Ahh, youth....

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