31 August 2009

My Speed Bump

I have plenty to do all day. This castle, this heaven on earth, this safe harbor from the storm, this refuge for my family ... this home, doesn't keep itself clean, people. I now have four out of five kids in school and you would think that our house would be spotless 24/7. Nope. It still takes a lot of work to keep up my less-than-perfect idea of a clean house. Enough about me and my days, enter Jay. He is home with me and loves to shadow my every move. He slows me down and he keeps me from buzzing through my chores, I mean my responsibilities, quickly. He is my speed bump. This is a shot of Jay putting the clothes in the dryer. This job would not take me more than two minutes, but, with Jay "helping", it easily can take ten minutes. He examines the clothes, drops stuff, and holds me up in general. But look at him helping! What a sweetheart. What a big boy to be a part of it all. And what a great chance for me to show him all the love and patience I can muster. I need to remember Mosiah 4:15 - But ye will teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness; ye will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another. That's what I should be doing. That what my children do for me everyday. I need to teach them, not just rip through the days to-do list. Teach them to serve and to love, and, to love to serve.

22 August 2009

Allergy Update

Our youngest, Jay, has allergies. Mainly, he's allergic to all nuts, eggs and dogs. These are three quite common things at our house, but, we're adjusting. I wanted to share a before and after picture, because he's just getting so dang handsome...

Before: (at the doctor's office, actually) in July 09
A happy boy, but, blotchy and looking like the chicken pox, plus he was always in those footed PJs, just so he couldn't scratch his sores. You can't see it here, but, he's covered in open sores. The doctors say his face is actually one of the best areas on him, since the skin there regenerates so quickly.

After: one month & four prescriptions later, Aug 09
Still happy and clearing up nicely!

I'm not one to run to the doctor, but, Jay is really responding to the prescriptions. He still has breakouts whenever he gets too close to dogs or eats various foods, so maybe everything is not yet isolated. He's made lots of progress and we just have to keep on top of what he eats.

And don't you just LOVE the hair! Sweet little Deuce.

21 August 2009

Proud Mom-ent

I had a proud mom moment today. Hence the new word that has just now entered the English language - a mom-ent. I have to share.

Charlotte is our six year old first grader. She reported to me today that they are allowed to watch TV for a while in class, some sort of down time about mid-day.

Me: What did you watch?
C: Nothing, Mom. You wouldn't let me.
Me: Oh?
C: It was Cartoon Network, so I'm not allowed.
Me: (thinking - yep, that's the rule) So what did you tell your teacher?
C: I told her I'm not allowed to watch Cartoon Network. So she said I could just read on the pillows.

Aaahhhh. Good girl, Charlie.

I am so thankful for obedient children. And daughters who love to read!

This Mom-ent has been brought to you by Charlotte, at age six.

20 August 2009

Another School Year ...

This year four out of five members of our Ball Team will be in school. Wow. It's hard to believe, they grow up so fast, they're getting so big, where did the years go, my how time flies; all those easy turns of phrase wouldn't be so pervasive in our language if they weren't so TRUE!! I remember when each of these ladies was born; I was there. It was actually just yesterday. Seriously, it was just yesterday...
Off they go - two middle-schoolers - too much in a hurry to even turn around for a picture. So Jay and I are off to WalMart, where he didn't even have to go to school to learn something new - how to ride on the back of the buggy. I suppose he intends to grow up, too ...

15 August 2009

Samantha is Ten!

Samantha Marie Ball
July 26, 1999

Samantha is a fruit lover. This child could live on fruit alone. Seriously. For her birthday she did not want a cake - she wanted a fruit bouquet. And a sleepover. And a day at the lake. So that is what she had.
You only turn ten once, right?

13 August 2009


Our move is over. Whew. We are now in the settling phase and I am happy to say that we have internet again. (As a bonus, can I just say that it was about half the price of our old service. Same company, same speed, just having a special when we reconnected. Love those little happy gifts.)
In these photos we see James and Rachel taking the LAST box out of the attic. And a great shot of James and Rachel demonstrating this moving technique. Put it on wheels and roll it down the street! This, I believe, is the ONE advantage of only moving three doors down - no trucks involved. The Young Men from our church came over and moved us. I told them - Just pick up whatever you see, boys, and walk to that house over there. Great job. One of the Missionaries serving here (from Tonga) actually picked up our loveseat, hoisted it over his shoulder and put it down in our new living room. I wish I had a picture, but, believe me, it was amazing.
Another amazing thing about our move is this:

That dome on our old roof is 15 feet across and 9 feet high at the center. It doesn't weigh too much, since it's PVC pipe. Our kids (and their friends) just love to play on it. But, how do you get it out of the backyard? You roll it over the roof, of course! I was skeptical, but, leave it to the men to figure it all out. They climbed it to get up on the roof, more of them held it up 'til the ones on the roof could grab it, and then they just rolled it over and set it down on the other side. Amazing. Thank you!!!! Pizza for everybody!