31 October 2019

Splash - October 2019

Some splash photos take a few scenery changes or staging of some description.  I spend time every month coming up with ideas and scouting locations.  Then, once we have an idea, we get together and try to make the ideas come to life.  Sometimes this happens easily and this Splash was one of those - a pregnant subject and a field of pumpkins....voila!  Happy fall ya'll!

22 October 2019

Ezamay Louise.....

Today is the day!  Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - Ezamay's birthday!
Charlotte (here 16 years old) was SO ready.  She's being induced and it was tough on her.  I was worried that she would be difficult - she can do that sometimes - especially since I'm sure she was hurting and Markel was not at the hospital yet.  I've never actually given birth, so I was no help with breathing and such.  I was ushered away when Markel arrived in time for the epidural.  It all worked out.

We do love pain killers....all better.  Look at that beautiful tree outside her window.  Beauty everywhere.

And, after what Charlotte remembers as one big push, at 9:45 pm, at 20 inches long and 7 pounds, 12 ounces, she is here.  Markel was weak and pale, poor boy.  He was trying not to faint, and so Charlotte cut her own umbilical cord.  The nurses were very kind and supportive.  There were lots of rules, but, they walked us right through this and had many sweet things to say about our young mother.

The feeling in this photo?  I see:  Peace.  Relief.  Gratitude.  Love.

She's perfect.  What an angel.

Ezamay has to meet her family - Aunt Josephine (who turned 15 two weeks ago).

And Poppa.

Charlotte was Momma immediately.

Great grandmother!

One of my favorites - Mom is so pleased.  Babies are a blessing.  Charlotte looks so content and ready for her adventure.

Uncle JMichael. (JMichael is eleven)

Meeting Grammy Beans

and Aunt Samantha (20 years old),

and great Aunt Abbey.

Samantha and Josephine have decided to be surgeons for Halloween....

Our ladies - Ezamay and her Aunts.  Wow.

Ezamay came home from the hospital Thursday, October 24.  This is her first car ride.

We can now celebrate all the firsts a baby brings - first encounter with rain, a dog, the wind.  Learning her little cries - she's such a good baby.  Babies are a blessing.

Welcome, Ezamay Louise.