04 November 2013

A Christmas Carol

So Rachel likes the theater.  If you really know our family, you already know that.  She sings show tunes in the shower.  The community theater had a sign up for Christmas auditions, and so I said sure, I'll take you down there.  Charlotte thought it would be fun, too, so she came along.  Never wanting to miss out on anything, Josephine decided to tag along.  All I did was drive and sit politely and sign the parent's consent form for underage participation in a Charles Dickens production.  The director had each of the ladies read some lines and he asked me to help.  Sure, I said, I can read for you.  Well, don't you know it, I am now in my first ever stage production.  I tried to tell him that I had NEVER been in a play in my life, but, he was insistent, and desperate.  I play Mrs. Dilber - the theif that picks over Scrooge's dead body in the ghost of Christmas future.  I'm a little nervous but the ladies are all about it.  Mom gets to be on stage!  Their enthusiasm is much more pronounced than mine.  Rachel has two parts - Belinda Cratchit in the ghost of Christmas Present scenes and a minor character on the street.  Charlotte is Fan, Scrooge's little sister (in the ghost of Christmas Past scenes) and Josephine plays a caroller, who gets yelled at by Scrooge because she shares the Christmas spirit.  Bah Humbug!  I couldn't get Samantha to go anywhere near a stage, and they already had a little guy to play Tiny Tim, or I would have offered up J. Michael.  Stay tuned for more details.  Our shows are the the second week of December!  God bless us, every one!

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