28 March 2011

Fourteen Years

Fourteen years ago today at 4 in the afternoon of warmish spring day, James and I were married. Here's a story from that day: James and I were sitting up on the pulpit at the church. He was sitting on one side of the aisle and I was sitting on the other. We stood to agree to our vows, with the Bishop standing between us. After we finished, James kissed his new bride, and we sat back down on opposite sides of the aisle. The Bishop said few more words to the congregation and James smiled at me from his seat - over there. Two seconds later, James jumped up, cut across the aisle, sat down next to me and kissed me again. The congregation watched it all. A sweet giggle spread through the crowd. The Bishop didn't quite know what was so funny, until he turned to sit down, and saw that James had switched seats. He turned back to the congregation and announced, "I don't blame him!" More laughter and the beginning of a new life.

Today, to celebrate, we ate out - TWICE! My folks sent us a gift card to Olive Garden, which we used for lunch - thanks to Melissa for keeping Jay! - and for supper we went to Chili's, using a gift card we were given by a secret Santa at Christmas. It was nice to spend time together - one long date, interspersed with the reality of children, but, still a great date.

James ordered ribs at Chili's. (He ordered ribs on our first date, too. Ribs go down big in BallTeam family lore.) And after supper - a stroll in dreamland. James and I checked out the 2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible. We left it on the lot.....

24 March 2011

A Game

I grew up watching public television. Ah, the days of Electric Company, New Zoo Review and Sesame Street. (Anyone remember Mulligan's Stew, or HR Puffinstuff? I can still sing those songs in my head...)

So let's play a game.... One of things doesn't belong - Can you guess which one? And why?
pumpkin pie, a dozen long stemmed roses, homemade shamrock cookies, and Quaker Oat Squares in the mail..... give up? They ALL belong together!!
This is a made to order Tina Ball birthday celebration - I'll explain: no birthday cake, instead, my friend Mandy made me a pumpkin pie - my FAVORITE!! My parents are too far to celebrate in person - so I got roses at the office!! Shamrocks on my cookies, homemade by another dear friend, because my birthday is March 17th - St. Patrick's Day - and the cereal from my dear friend who remembered my favorites and sent it to me half way across the country!!
Also, not pictured, another friend sent me kits to make cards - LOVE THEM - and another friend gave me a pretty basket full of fresh fruit and chocolate! My kids and husband took me out to eat and I got a gift card from my folks! Plenty of texts and FaceBook greetings - I love my birthday, THANK YOU!!

20 March 2011

Rachel, the teenager!

Rachel turned 13 this week. Wow. Poor girl. Our first teenager. One week into it and so far it's going well. At 13, Rae is in the seventh grade. She doesn't love school for the academics, but, her grades are great. Rachel is busy with her class at church, she made the Junior High soccer team and she is a big help at home. Rachel is funny, in dry and witty kind of way. She is ambitious and works hard. Rachel loves to be with her friends, has become a pro at texting, and has recently proven herself at being independent. Rachel loves to bake, and she's really good at it! Rachel's brother and sisters know she can handle herself and they look up to her, whether they know that yet or not. As her parents, we can count her and we are proud of her. Rachel loves to write and dream. She can create a world with words and pull you right in with her. We all love you, Rachel; keep up the good work!
New Apron! (it's reversible!) ::: Game day (with Lindsey, left)