23 September 2009

Help, It's Stuck!

Jay has not been talking a great deal. I mean he's only twenty months old, so it's still somewhat early. At best he just needs to point, because with four older sisters, he has plenty of little mothers around him to cater to his every cry and expression. This week he came to me with his usual - Omah, omah (which we translate as Momma, Momma). He has taken to leading us around when he wants something and then just a point or gesture in the right direction will let everyone know what is on his sweet, busy mind. He grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. This is what I found:

Can't you just read that look on his face? He's saying: Look, Ma, I put my favorite toy - my purple ball - in the toilet to see if it would float and now I can't get it out! You just gotta help me!

It is now Ball Team policy to close the bathroom door when not in use. This also explains much: about three weeks ago this very same toilet mysterious overflowed. I wonder....

21 September 2009

Ball Team's Got Talent !!

Our Ward had a talent show last week and I am happy to say that our family had two entries. I am happy because the Ball Team, while talented, is not always comfortable center stage. I was able to to get three out of five kids on stage, and that, I believe, shall count as my talent! Some highlights:

Rachel and Samantha did a jumprope routine. This included about four tricks and a little solo stint by each. They were great - only had to re-start once!

Josephine did her ballet routine with fellow student, A. They danced to Itsy-Bitsy Spider and neither A nor Josephine were the least bit shy or anxious about being on stage. I was very impressed with their performance. Soooooo cute!!!! Thank you Chelsie (friend/ballet teacher) for making them look sweet enough to eat!!

ps: I wanted to put Josephine's hair up in a ballet bun for the stage, but, she said, "No, Mom. It looks pretty when I twirl." Now how can you argue with that?

18 September 2009

Peer Pressure

I discovered something this morning as I was signing Josephine in at her Pre-K classroom. I had been doing it all wrong before. In these past few weeks I had walked into the room, signed her in, gave her hug and said I would see her after class. Her part was then to cling to my leg as if it were the only hold on her precious life. Her teacher would literally pry her fingers from my shirt and I would wave and smile. Josephine would scream. I then waited in the hall for the screaming to stop, which it always did. In the afternoons, her teacher would tell me about the wonderful day Josephine just had. I have no doubt, too, that she did have a good day, because she always had a new song to sing and a story about her friends, her lunch, or her latest artwork.

She was having a great time in Pre-K; but she made a fuss every time I dropped her off. What to do? Peer pressure. This morning, I did the same bad routine: walked into the room, signed her in, gave her hug and said I would see her after class. Then something amazing happened! From across the room, we hear (in a small girlish voice), "Josephine is here. Hey Josephine come do this puzzle with me!" And with that, Josephine was gone. No longer clinging to Mom; she was off playing with her friends. You go girl! So far, I like this peer pressure.

16 September 2009

Soccer Season Fall '09

Our two oldest daughters - Rachel and Samantha - otherwise known as the big ladies - have started their soccer seasons for the Fall '09. At least this year practices are on the same days of the week. Different field locations and times, but, the same days.
Rachel is playing for the rec league in our little town and her team name is the Bulldogs. She was unsure this season as to whether or not to play, but, her buddies from church are on her team, and she is playing goalie, which she really enjoys. The first game was a victory. Rachel told me her goalie strategy on the way home after the game: "Mom, I let one go in for the other team. That way, I get mad and aggressive." Okay?! At least it worked... the won the game.
Samantha is on a more competitive level of team, called a traveling team. Her team - the Predators - represents our town and they will travel as far as three hours away to play their games. The coaching is more precise, more is expected of the girls and they have really bonded more. Samantha seems to enjoy the game more, since it is more intense. She always has been a fighter! Their first game ended in a loss. Just the beginning!

07 September 2009

Primary Reason

Last weekend our Primary President did something amazing. She assembled sixty-four children from our ward primary in front of the Memphis Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for a group shot. She's amazing. That's why she's the Primary President.

What a great trip. We drove up as a family. We got lost. We almost ran out of gas. We got lost again. We asked for directions, we googled directions, we called our also-traveling friends; we got lost anyway.

But once we arrived, we set to work. I was in the nursery with twelve well-behaved toddlers and my friend who prepared a lesson and singing time for the kids. The older kids had mini-classes to go to and games and a speaker and cookies in the shape of a sun, moon and stars. She is so amazing that she even arranged, I don't know HOW, for each of the kids to bring home a piece of the temple - a piece of solid marble. (Anyone who has some project ideas for temple marble, please send them my way....)

After all the activities we ate our picnic lunches in the gym. Our family was on to the second phase of our trip - Beale Street.

We strolled in the warm sun and listened to the blues. Each shop, cafe or bar had a different musician or band. We watched street performers turn flips down the middle of the street and then ask for tips. We had ice cream on the veranda. We even treated ourselves to a carriage ride through town as we enjoyed the Birthplace of the Blues.

But, with all this fun, our Primary reason for going to Memphis was to visit the temple. Our family was sealed in the Washington DC temple when Rachel was just a baby. This visit was to talk about the temple and blessings it brings to each of us. I am thankful for the eternal relationships I may enjoy with my family. I am thankful for the perspective that eternity brings to my daily life.

05 September 2009


My most favorite-est cereal in the whole wide wonderful world is Quaker Oat Squares. I don't know exactly why I love it so much, but, I just DO. I don't buy it very often because it is also one of the most expensive cereals on the shelf. Today, I was at the store and I looked over at my Quaker Oat Squares section and I saw it - A SALE!!!

I bought three boxes and I'm gonna eat all three. I might share. Maybe.

04 September 2009

Thank you friends!

Earlier this week, my friend Emilee went to the Memphis temple with her husband, so I offered to watch her little ones, ages 3 and 4. No problem for me. I'm home, Jay needs kids to play with, and they are good kids. Bring on the kiddos.

Today, I had the pleasure of watching my friend Becca's children, ages 4 and nineteen months. Her little girl, Q, is two weeks older than Jay, so they have been "friends" their whole lives. My 4 year old was not at home to play with K, her little boy, so I got to play Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman with him while my friend did some errands. Her husband has been deployed and is coming home on Saturday, so she is a busy woman these days. (Yeah for Becca and family!)
My friends drop their kids at my house all the time. It just makes sense. I'm here. I'm happy to do it and my kids love having their friends over.

No payback is necessary, but, look what my friends did for me:

The produce is from Becca. At the store, they were going to throw this OUT! Aaahhh! Not with Becca around. Grab it make make fajitas! The banana bread is from Emilee. She makes so many delicious things, but, this one in particular I think will be especially delicious since she altered her recipe just so Jay could eat it - no walnuts, extra sugar!

My friends are wonderful. And this is just two of you. The rest of you know who you are. You are fantastic and such a blessing to me and my family. Thank you all!

Oh, and speaking of friends, look at us:

The Monday Morning Stroller Brigade

If your beautiful face is not in this picture - again, you know who you are - come join us!