30 September 2020

Splash - September 2020

Sepotember's splash is the Ball Team on a location hunt.  Rachel found that the oldest Quaker Meetinghouse on the Easten Shore of Maryland is located in Talbot County, so, without delay, we set out to find it.  This is the front gate to the property, which includes three little cottages, a brick meetinghouse and a large white painted commonhouse.  The grounds are in a terrible state and there are construction trucks working on the site.  We just caught a few pictures and left them to their work.  If I remember, we should go back and do an update.
We tried posing across the gated entrance, but, it was too wide for a group shot.  James, however, thought, he would help the trip by posing as Sasquatch.....
And Ezamay is getting so big.  She can do "so big" and clap.  Her laugh is like peace.
She's ten months old!

26 September 2020

Taming the beast

 James' hair is curly.  It's so curly that most people don't know how long it really is because all they see is curls.  It's beautiful, but it requires some work.  Here's James' before and after photos.

Very handsome!

31 August 2020

Splash - August 2020

The August splash was taken in Queen Anne's County, at a nature preserve.  This park is filled with trails and backwater spots for putting out a canoe and enjoying the quiet beauty of a summer's day.

We hiked two of the trails in the park - the ladies went on a short hike from the woods to the water and were eaten alive by critters with six or more legs.  Charlotte fared the worst, with bites and itches all over her, especially her feet.  Rachel, Samantha and Charlotte all caught chiggers and Josephine and JMichael?  I suppose bugs think that the little two are just not as sweet as the big three.

James and I stayed closer to the car and just walked to the water and enjoyed the breeze on the seclusion of our little cliff perch.  There was a sailboat anchored out in the middle of the river, those aboard were jumping and swimming off of the boat.  We could hear them easily and they were about a quarter mile away as the crow flies.  Very nice.  No bugs....

More pics from the hike:

Charlotte, pre-chigger smorgasboard, had a wrap thing that she used to hold Ezamay in hiking terrain.
She really did have bug spray on.

Post hike group shot.  Samantha is deftly pointing out to you, our reader, that Ezamay has a flower in her hair.  Guess who put the flower in Ezamay's hair?

All five, with little bit in tow, walking off to hike.

20 August 2020

SnapChat Eyes

 SnapChat is an app on our phones.  The kids use it all the time, but, James and I only talk to them and use the filters for fun.  Are these fun, or what?

James, looking kinda crafty here....

Me, looking sleepy....

Rachel, 22 years old....

Samantha, 21 years old

Charlotte, 17 years old...

Josephine, 15 years old....

JMichael, 12 years old....

And Ezamay, ten months old and the cutest of us all!

31 July 2020

Splash - July 2020

The July 2020 splash was taken at the big ladies' house in Fruitland.  We all got together for a cookout in their backyard. I really like this particular photo simply because everyone is just so relaxed.  I only have to say, okay, time for the splash, and everyone just forms a group and smiles.  They offer up ideas and props and it just works.  See in this photo how everyone s wearing red white of blue?  I didn't ask them to do that - they knew we would be taking a splash and they were ready.  (the little ladies still do coach JMichael on what to wear...)  I'm so thankful I started this habit over ten years ago.  These pictures are priceless.

Speaking of priceless - look at the Brownie Bite - ten months old and rocking her new kicks.  She does love a good burger.

30 June 2020

Splash - June 2020

For our splash this month, we headed to the half way point between our homes - Cambridge, MD.  I suppose a good number of our splashes will be in this area, at least while we are all living where we currently live.  Since we live on the lovely Eastern Shore of Maryland, water will feature heavily.  It's the shore.

This is the photo I took to create the splash.  There's a park on the river which has two parallel docks set about forty feet apart in the water.  This made a perfect vantage point for me, and my assistant Ezamay, to get a picture of the kids on the opposite dock.

My assistant, Ezamay, earning her keep and looking adorable.  Charlotte was so nervous for me to carry her out on to the dock.  She said, be careful, Mom, that's my baby.  I thought, how sweet.  And then I answered her:  I have five babies, who can all walk and jump and fall, out on a dock right now, so, yes, I get it babe, I'll be careful.

And we walked around the trails, and there was a big swing - big enough for three headless Ball kids.  Which three?  I'll take guesses in the comments.

31 May 2020

Splash - May 2020

The splash for May is the Harriet Tubman mural in Cambridge, Maryland.  This amazing painting is on the side of the building which houses the Harriet Tubman Museum.  Moses is reaching out to us over a brick wall, which is actually a brick wall on the site.  The BallTeam is sitting on the bricks.  We still are wearing masks, like the Governor said to.  You can see more on the murals of Harriet Tubman, Chief Conductor on the Underground Railroad by clicking here.