31 March 2009

On the Shoulders of Giants

28 March 2009

Heading For The Baker's Dozen

James and I were married on March 28, 1997. Just a dozen short years ago. In honor of our twelve years, I will present twelve facts about us. All this is really for our amusement and for entertainment value only, I don't think this is the platform to get too personal.....

ONE- We were married on Good Friday. Yes, yes it was a good Friday. TWO- We were sealed in the Washington DC temple (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) exactly one year later, on March 28, 1998. THREE- We served jelly beans as appetizers at the reception. Hey, it was Easter weekend... FOUR- We spent a week at the beach for our honeymoon (Thank you, Best Family!!!) flying kites and walking in the dunes. There was a hot tub on the patio, and on April Fool's Day it was snowing. We sat in the hot tub and watch the snowflakes melt in the air around us. FIVE- In the twelve years that have followed, we have never spent a week at the beach. SIX- We had met only three and half months before our wedding. SEVEN- In these twelve years we have lived in five states and had five children. EIGHT- Since the night of our first date, the longest we have been apart is a week, and that has happened only twice (once James was at training for work, and once I went to a conference for Seminary teachers at BYU). NINE- Our first date was a set up, and the man who set us up was our best man at the wedding. TEN- On our first date, we went to a rib joint/bar - Adam's Ribs. I still have the receipt. ELEVEN- We both knew the night we met that we had found the one we would marry. TWELVE- I would do it all over again.

Spring Break

Our Spring Break last week was very relaxing. We did little to nothing; we didn't really go anywhere. We were home, playing with friends and just "breaking". Staying up late, sleeping late, eating casual dinners (ie, cereal). James was off for most of it, too, and we literally just hung out at home. It was a good break - we were just the Ball Team at home. A few snapshots of our week...

our Rock Band - Fire Ball -- Charlotte and Rachel doing yard work
The ladies figured out that the dog leashes can pull double duty as rope swings on the dome. Josephine is in the orange swimsuit, Rachel is in red and Charlotte is in the light blue.
Park by day, renting at RedBox by night (they are FREE on Mondays, you know. Check out he Frugal is Fabulous button on the side bar of the blog here on Mondays and she'll give out the code. Love free movies!)
Driving Jay around in the Tonka truck and Jay's favorite way to "help" Mom - unloading the dishwasher. What a gentleman.
We also built a dog house! It's actually a duplex. More to come on that project later!

24 March 2009

Do NOT Try This At Home

Jay was finished with his supper and thought he could put the fork to a better use. He was supervised, even coached by his older sisters, and we never left his side. He survived the episode unharmed, and will probably try it again...love those curls and winning smile. What a joker!

19 March 2009

Here We Go Again...

Basketball plays a big role at the Ball Team House. James plays every week with his friends from church. The ladies play with their Dad. We watch games and learn the game, and I try to keep up. It's a fast game, and I never could see the fouls, but, that's just me. Anyway, it's time for March Madness and James has his bracket all ready. I have to admit, I really do like that part, even though my picks are based on how well I like the school, and not any knowledge of the players or coaches. James takes a more scientific approach and is picking UNC to go all the way. I am going with Duke - a classic Carolina battle. We won't know the winner 'til April 6 and the news will be full of it until then. When do these kids study during this time? Hmmm. Did you pick a team?

18 March 2009

Charlotte Loves Kindergarten

Charlotte hates to get up in the morning, but, loves kindergarten. She is still amazing herself that she can read. She has such a look of satisfaction on her face when she finishes her nightly books. She is so proud. Charlotte has had two fun projects come home this week that she has done in kindergarten:

First, Charlotte the Leprechaun!

Second, a "Listening Chart". Charlotte had to sit outside on the playground and draw what she heard, then make tally marks for every time she heard it. I thought this was either a clever way to have the kids listening, drawing, and numbering, OR, the teacher just needed everyone to sit quietly for a while. I thought Charlotte's drawing of the wind was pretty darn remarkable, but, hey, I'm the proud Mom. Give me this one.

13 March 2009

Happy Eleventh Birthday - Rachel

12 March 2009

How Can You Improve On This???

Jay had a little outpatient surgery this week. Nothing serious. Nothing life threatening. Just little boy-type details that he could not have done at birth since he was admitted straight to the NICU. What a cute patient! He flirted with the nurses - love those people at Children's. They are truly angels.
before --- after

08 March 2009

Cute Kid Quote

The cute kid quote of the day goes to Josephine - age 4. Jo was outside playing and came in the house crying. I asked what happened and she said that she fell off of the dome. She was not really hurt - just whimpering now. So I said how did you fall? She said - I let go, Mom.

So great to be four.

03 March 2009

Sick Day

We have had quite a few bugs run through the Ball Team House this winter. But Josephine knows how to have a sick day, right? All you need is the TV clicker, the XBox controller and a juice cup. Speedy recovery, Jo.
Josephine all set. ---- Ten minutes later.

02 March 2009

Happy Birthday, Doc

Dr. Seuss was born today in 1904 - wow, a world without the internet. For no reason in particular, I have included a poll. What's your favorite Dr. Seuss? Here's my pick:

Try this website, here, for games and books from Dr. Seuss.