30 June 2020

Splash - June 2020

For our splash this month, we headed to the half way point between our homes - Cambridge, MD.  I suppose a good number of our splashes will be in this area, at least while we are all living where we currently live.  Since we live on the lovely Eastern Shore of Maryland, water will feature heavily.  It's the shore.

This is the photo I took to create the splash.  There's a park on the river which has two parallel docks set about forty feet apart in the water.  This made a perfect vantage point for me, and my assistant Ezamay, to get a picture of the kids on the opposite dock.

My assistant, Ezamay, earning her keep and looking adorable.  Charlotte was so nervous for me to carry her out on to the dock.  She said, be careful, Mom, that's my baby.  I thought, how sweet.  And then I answered her:  I have five babies, who can all walk and jump and fall, out on a dock right now, so, yes, I get it babe, I'll be careful.

And we walked around the trails, and there was a big swing - big enough for three headless Ball kids.  Which three?  I'll take guesses in the comments.