30 October 2012

Josephine's Baptism, Oct 2012

In our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, children are baptized at eight years old.

Our friend,Elizabeth Butler had this great idea for a shot - placing Josephine right in this painting with Jesus.  At baptism, Josephine became a member of the church and gains a fresh start - a clean slate - and is now accountable for her own actions.  Choose the Right is a huge montra around our house.

We had lots of family for the event.  My Mom and Dad (Juanita and Wayne Brumbley) are on the left - what a cute couple.  In red in the back is Dawn - and the bearded one next to her is my brother - David.  They got married just a few months ago!  That sweet smile in the back, in white, on the right is Monica Matthews, Josephine's second grade teacher.  We just love that she joined us.

This is what we are really like.

22 October 2012

Josephine is EIGHT

Josephine is EIGHT!

We made treats for her class at school - rice crispie pumpkins.  Pinterest makes me look so good!  Joey is in second grade.  She can do a full split (left and right; for center she is almost there - and she practices every day.)  She is reading above grade level, loving school, and she is currently making a house for her monster high and barbie dolls.  All paper, boxes, strings and even socks have been recycled into couches, beds, rugs and closets for her dolls.  She even makes them little magazines and cell phones.  Give this girl some paper and let her go.  She has quite the imagination!
For Joey's birthday weekend we had some great visitors - Grandad and Grandmom (aka Wayne and Juanita Brumbley) and her Aunt Dawn and Uncle David.  We love it when family comes to see us! 

We had a chess tournament - family tradition - and another stample - scrapple!  YUM!  My parents brought this Maryland delicacy.  My taste of home!
Not only did we celebrate Joey's birthday - more on that later - but, J. Michael had a soccer game and showed his skills to his grandparents and Aunt Dawn and Uncle David!

15 October 2012

Spitting Crickets

I write this blog not so that I can brag on my beautiful, talented and amazing children.  Instead, I hope that one gray day - far, far far from now I can look back and remember these wonderful times.  Like spitting crickets...  Yes, you read that right.  Spitting crickets.  Go Charlotte.
This glorious event was sponsered by the local street fair - gotta love country life in rural Arkansas.  The first victim, I mean participant, is Emma, Charlotte's also very fearless friend.

10 October 2012

Hero Night

These two love the Family Nights at their elementary school.  The school organizes a Family Night once each quarter and they revolve around a theme.  This time it was Community Heroes.  The police, EMT's, firefighters and Air Force were there with vehicles and games to introduce themselves to the kids and let the kids ask questions and explore.  Inside the gym, the coach had activities set up.  Above, Josephine is showing off a pose on the trampoline and Charlotte casually hula hoops while finishing her popcorn.  For me, these are good nights to hang out with the little ladies and chat with their teachers in an informal setting.  You're only only in second and fourth grades once!

08 October 2012

Homecoming 2012

The homecoming parade has become a part of our lives.  Samantha is in eighth grade and was close to being on the homecoing court - she made the last ten cut, but, not the top three.  She did get to ride on the float, with the rest of the dance team.  Let me just brag on my pretty girl.  She has so much ahead of her.  The world is so large.  Go get 'em, Samantha.