30 September 2011

Splash - September 2011

This splash was taken while trespassing.  The Ball Team was mortified that mom said, hey, this bus is open, let's go in.  Where is their sense of adventure?  Where did they get that sense of responsibility?  No matter.  They sat in the bus, and let me take a picture.  Yes, Josephine is practically bald - we had shaved her head.  Charlotte was also shaved and she is wearing a wig.  Samantha is what we call naturally curly; she calls is unruly.  Here she also sports a wrap from girls camp.  JMichael has a weird look on his face and Rachel seems just above it all.  Get your picture mom.  Sweet kids, indulging their mom - like they even have a choice....   :)

05 September 2011


Samantha has been out of gymnastics for a few years now and has never quite been as passionate about another sport. She tried soccer, swimming, and horseback riding, but, either we couldn't keep up with her, or she just didn't feel it. So, her newest endeavor is running. Our fabulous and soon to be famous friend, Dawn Brown, made a training regimen for Samantha to follow and helped me select a race for her to enter as her goal to complete training. She's been diligent and so excited. Her enthusiasm has gotten Rachel to participate, too, but, not on the distance portion, just the sprints and the bleachers - yes, they were sore the next day - way to go ladies!! And Thank you again, Dawn! More to come on training and race day festivities!

04 September 2011

Rock in Little Rock

We found a great playground in Little Rock. Actually, Rachel's keeper coach found it and was using the soccer fields, so we hit the playground. Charlotte is 8, Josephine is 6 and Jay is 3. August, 2011