29 February 2020

Splash - February 2020

The Splash photo for February 2020 was taken on our back deck - very easy and accessible.  On this particular day, it was chilly and rainy and the little three at home were just dressed for hanging out and watching the Superbowl (Chiefs over the Niners, 31-20).  The big ladies were all dressed up and on their way to the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC to see "Next to Normal" off Broadway.  Rachel loved it, the theater geek, and Samantha thought the whole thing was fascinating and amazing, but, she's not converted to show tunes just yet.  On their way to cross the bridge off of the Shore, they stopped to see us and get a picture.  They also stopped on the way home after to tell us about it and get the Superbowl score. 
And, Miss Ezamay Louise.  Now three months old - full of bright personality and she has found her hands.  So beware, she now pulls hair and grabs glasses.  Soo Dang Cute!
The big ladies - ready for the theatre - Next to Normal. 
Not bad seats, huh?

21 February 2020

JMichael is Twelve - 1 2

JMichael turned twelve.  He's in the sixth grade and recently tried out for a traveling soccer team.  He's majorly invested in Rocket League, Madden 2020 and Fortnite.

All JMichael asked for was supper with everyone out at Ruby Tuesdays and a trip to the Trampoline Park, so we obliged.  

This is John Thomas, or JT.  He and Rachel have been dating a few months now.  He is working at Furniture Land in Seaford, DE.  He asked to meet us and he seems to be a nice guy.  They share a love of music and Portal.

Ezamay had never been to Ruby Tuesday's. She was great.  What a good baby girl.

Later, we had KoolAid pie - JMichael's favorite - Orange.