13 November 2013

Firecrackers, Fall 2013

JMichael has finished another season of soccer.  This year he played U6, with Coach Larry Cross - the Firecrackers!  See the flames on the trophy?  Cute.  The team of 10 kids was a little lopsided - 8 girls and 2 boys.  They were a spunky group - Coach Larry and Coach Craig kept everyone busy with drills at practice and lots of encouragement at games.  JMichael loved it, again.  Even at the trophy party he was asking Coach Larry when the next game will be.  Next year JMichael will move up to U8 - which means a bigger team, a bigger field and more defined skills.  He sure seems to love anything athletic.  His asthma doesn't slow him down and he is always ready to get out there and play.  JMichael had a great season - lots of goals, lots of great passes and his big foot (kicking the ball for long distance) was his specialty.  He loved to do the corner kicks and he is great at it!  Keep up the hard work!  Go Firecrackers!

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