26 August 2013

Gavin Wayne

The guy in the middle here is Gavin Wayne.  He is the son of my brother Eric and his wife, Abbey.  He is 13 years old and this year, for the first time in his life, he came to Arkansas.  Alone.  For two weeks.  What a brave young man.  The ladies were majorly jealous that he got to fly in an airplane, too.  For those of you who read this blog regularly you may also note that Gavin is the only person to ever appear in the "splash" - that picture at the top of the ladies and JMichael I change every month.  That is quite a Ball Team honor...  :)

We swam a lot.  We hung out at the house.  Gavin played a lot with his cousins, which is what he came here to do.  He is the only kid in his family at home, so coming from living with two adults to a family of seven was a bit of a shock.  He continually told us "you all are not normal", when we did stuff like eat leftovers for breakfast or have the kids cook supper.

One day we rode the trolley in downtown Little Rock.  It's about an hour for the full circle and you get to ride all over town and cross the river twice.  The driver tells all sorts of obscure information while you look at the windows.  It was fun.

This was our view of the river.

Maybe Gavin will come back next year?  Maybe some of the kids will go to Maryland?  Who knows?  Maybe both?  Rachel and Samantha are in none of these pictures because they were with friends and at team practices for a lot of the time he was here - it was just before school started for us.  So, while it is not documented here, they did hang out with Gavin, too, just not whenever I thought to take a picture.

23 August 2013

Toe Touch

Can you do this?  I can't.  Samantha has been working hard on this one, and while this is a way blurry shot, look at that form!  Great toe touch, Samantha.  Now it's time to show it off on the football field!

19 August 2013

The whole lineup!

This year everyone is in school.
Sniff, sniff.  It just goes by so FAST!

12 August 2013

Building A House

Josephine (eight years old) has had a busy summer.  She has created an entire house out of stuff she found around the house.  In this picture, she is posing in her "bedroom".  That bunkbed she made is actually a step stool, turned upside down.  The night table is a wipes container and on the top bunk you can see the laptop computer and magazines she has made for her dolls.  She's made an entire house - a kitchen with food in the fridge, a garage for the scooter and bikes for her dolls.  She's cut up clothes that don't fit any more and I bring home boxes for her to create closets and rooms and furniture.  She has a few injuries from her favorite design tool - the hot glue gun.  All of the furniture and accessories are to scale and all of it is full of imagination.  Will she be an architect, an engineer or a designer?  It's all up to her.  You go, girl!

08 August 2013

$0.50 cones

In our area, Burger King is running a summer promotion - .50 cones.  Rachel is modeling the "could I have mine in a cup" version, while everyone else wants the cone.  This has been one of the ways we beat the summer heat - ice cream for everyone!