30 April 2015

Splash - April 2015

I tried to do an optical illusion for April - in the spirit of April Fools Day.  My efforts failed.  I'm still trying, so maybe for next April....  This splash is still in the spirit of April Fool's - a prank of sorts.  The makeup inspiration came from James and Samantha's recent obsession with the show Gotham.  I sent the kids out to our driveway and turned on our car's high beams.  The rest was the kids posing - Catwoman (a/k/a Josephine) is perched on our trash dumpster and for the most part the kids are already in jammers (BallTeam-speak for pajamas).  This was a fun splash - I love it when JMichael and the ladies participate and get creative.  I hope they will treasure these pictures one day.  I know I will.

29 April 2015

Coach Sam!

Samantha has landed her first job.  She is the newest rec coach at CGA - Josephine's gym.  Samantha works three hours a week coaching a 4 year old rec class with basic skills and a 7-9 year old rec class in tumbling.  So far, two weeks into it - she loves it.  She says the kids are sweet and cute and really work hard.  Plus, they keep telling her how pretty she is.  That's a bonus.  This summer her hours may change to include more weekday hours, since the gym sponsors a day camp while kids are out of school.  Samantha loves getting to work out with the little ones, and she gets paid for it!  She actually makes more per hour than Rachel does at Tropical Smoothie - just a lot less hours.  Plus - that white thing in her hand pictured - is an ice pop.  She gives them out to the kids and helps herself to one after each class.  Welcome to the workforce, Samantha!

20 April 2015

Sixth Grade Field Day

I recently posted about JMichael losing a tooth and said it was sad because it was one of his last firsts.  Today was one of Charlotte's lasts, too.  Her last track and field day.  It was a breezy beautiful day for all the festivities.  There was competition, camaraderie and food.  With sixth graders, there must always be food.  Charlotte is pictured here with her buds - Abby, Bailey and Gabby.  Charlie did well in the games - first in her heat for softball throw and three-legged race (with Abby).  Second in her heat of the 100 meter dash.  The final event is a giant round robin tug of war contest - her class came in second.  Sixth grade is so fun.  Next year she will be in junior high.  Impossible, yet true.

08 April 2015

Easter, 2015

Easter is all about renewal and rebirth.  Spring is finally here and we are so ready to get outside.  We don't do much in the way of traditional Easter - that's a church holiday and so we attend our meetings and observe Easter as a the religious event that it is.  But, meanwhile at home - we colored eggs.  Why do we only color our food for Easter?  It's fun and we should do it more often, right?

We did "baskets".  Uhm.  These may look like foil pans, but, use your imagination; they are Easter baskets.

We did Resurrection Rolls.  Delicious.  Here's the link to make yours at home.  Again, why do we only do this at Easter?

Charlotte's more artistic picture of the festivities.  Happy Easter, everyone!

05 April 2015

Tropical Rachel

You may remember that Rachel got her first job at Subway - she was determined to have a car and independence.  So, she got a job, bought a car and now she's working - just not at Subway anymore.  Tropical Smoothie CafĂ© announced that they would be adding a location in our little town and Rachel jumped.  She got the job offer right at the interview and she is loving the laid back island environment.  We, as her family, were invited this weekend to an open house to sample the food.  Delicious.  Well done, girl!  We are a Tropical Smoothie family!

03 April 2015

Josephine at the Gym

Josephine started a recreational gymnastics class about a month ago at our local gym.  She had been begging and patiently waiting for us to get her enrolled.  (Dag kids are expensive.)  Anyway, she is just loving it.  For years she has googled gymnastics skills and searched YouTube for instructional videos.  She searches, she practices, she masters, she repeats.  Her coaches are impressed with her technique and her will power.  Josephine is one determined chick once she makes up her mind.  Today she was evaluated for moving from rec class to the competitive team and she made it.  She's been invited to compete - we will find out her level next week.  I'm so proud of her.  She's ten; she's feisty; she's passionate.  Sometimes, when all that energy is directed at me, I find her exhausting.  It's wonderful to see all that drive funneled into skills in the gym.  Go Josephine!

01 April 2015

Soccer, Spring 2015

Is this little man ready to play soccer?  Look at that face.  He is back on the fields, kicking and running and playing the game he loves with his friends.  JMichael is playing for Coach Seth, like he did last year, as a Shark.  He was so excited to get back with his old team and run drills.  You go little man.  We love to watch you play!