31 August 2015

Splash - August 2015

The August splash was just a day at the ballpark.  We try to get to a few ballgames every season.  James and JMichael like to actually watch the baseball.  The rest of us are there for the fresh air and people watching.  For this game, we brought along our cross stitch floss and the ladies made bracelets.  Samantha's boyfriend, Jonathan, came along and Charlotte's best bud, Abby, was also there with her family.  Minor league games are a great way to spend a Saturday night as a family.  Just don't ask me any of the players names; I have no idea.

28 August 2015

The family that plays together....

I'm not gonna lie - my kids are not perfect.  I'm not perfect either.  On the blog, sometimes I think I put my family out there as this amazing set of people who do great and beautiful things.  We ARE those people.  We are also occasionally grumpy, rebellious and mean.  We fight; we get upset and we have those moments that test every fiber of my loving momma's heart.  But then, out of the blue - this stuff happens.  This picture may look on the surface to be another of Josephine's wonderful strength and flexibility poses - and it is.  She's so focused.  But look again - the Momma in me sees more.  On the field, there are four incredible people - freely and happily playing together.  JMichael takes a soccer ball with him literally everywhere he can.  On this day he had a ball and all four sisters to pay with him.  There they are - all out there enjoying themselves and the fresh air and each other.  Bless their sweet and independent hearts.  I hope they always hold on to each other.

24 August 2015

Samantha - mid air

Dance team had picture day - my kids will tell you something about me and school pictures.  I never buy them.  Dag, in this day and age with a phone/camera in my hand or my bag at all times, who needs a professional to take even more pictures of my kids?  For the record, I also do not do fund raisers.  My kids know that if they are bringing home either of those things - like the beginning of the school year always brings - picture order forms and fund raiser info - they can just toss that trash.

So, picture day for dance team - Samantha's friend caught this great shot.  She's fierce, focused and ready to get that Panther crowd rockin'.

This girl loves her dance team.  She does not love the drama that girl groups bring - she is there to dance.  She's a leader and doesn't realize it.  She practices at home and in the car and she knows her grrove.  She's been moved to the front and is proud to a Panther Dancer.  Rock on, Samantha.

22 August 2015


Another school year has begun here in Arkansas and with it comes the required first day of school pictures.  I was sad this year because this is the last year I have all five at home in school.  As unbelievable as it may seem, Rachel is a senior and is all set to graduate in December this year.  She has worked hard to get her core academics finished early and has opted to get out early rather than stay and take electives that are not required for graduation.  The time is flying!  So, for the 2015-2016 academic school year, we have five kids in five schools - not a single two on the same campus at all.

Rachel Mae - Cabot ACE School, 12th grader

Samantha Marie - Cabot High School, 11th grader

Charlotte Lareine - Cabot Junior High South, 7th grader

Josephine Lisette - Cabot Middle School South, 5th grader

JMichael - Central Elementary, 2nd grader

Have a great school year!

11 August 2015


Josephine has been working hard at the gym.  I picked her up from practice today and she, very proudly, showed me her rips.  Rips is the gymnastics term for the tearing of your skin that happens as you hold the bars and spin around - she's learning how to hold the bar tightly enough to stay on and loosely enough to not tear off the skin on her hands - rips.  Her coach pulled the team around and said, See?  This is what hard work gets you.  Rips are considered a badge - proof that you are working hard and hitting a new mark.  Eventually we will get her some grips, to cover this new skin she will grow and she will move onward and upward.  For now she looks a little like a burn victim, but, good work, Joey!

06 August 2015

All the girls - almost

Josephine snapped this selfie because Samantha and Josephine were trying out a new lipstick color.  I'm not often in the photos, and for some reason Charlotte is missing from this one, but, I just have to keep this picture of my beautiful daughters.  James and I often say if we accomplished nothing else in this world, at least we filled our corner of it with five beautiful people - beautiful inside and out.