29 July 2012

Sambalam turns Thirteen

When she was born, on July 26, 1999, we named her Samantha Marie.  Then we called her Sambalam-badingdong.  The Schmooperdoodle.  Sambernista.  Mansantha.  Simba.  She grew.  (She's now taller than Rachel, who is 16 months older....shhhh.)
Samantha is now 13.  It happened in an instant.

We had a family dinner - Samantha chose egg salad sandwiches red velvet cake.  Rachel made her cake and borrowed a cool rose cakepan from our family friend, Elizabeth.  I thought they turned out great.  Samantha opened presents - new specs pictured here from Grandad and Grandmom, a Visa gift card from Poppop Jim and Mommaw Jean, plus the Vera Bradley bag she's been wanting and a few new shirts from dear old Dad and Mom.  She had friends stop by with candy and Bath and Body Works sprays - her favorite!

On Saturday, I took Samantha and her best bud Laura to get a new experience - pedicures.  Samantha says it tickled.  Laura had never had one either and the two of them have already decided that for Laura's birthday, they will be going back for manicures!  Isn't this a cool shot of Laura? She was reading a magazine, and this was my view. 

This is the finished product - pretty toes!

A little more on Samantha, for her entry in the teenage years.  At thirteen, she is entering the 8th grade.  She is taking AP classes and dances for the school dance team.  She is athletic.  She doesn't like to cook.  Her hair is actually very curly - she straightens it.  Samantha is NOT a morning person, but, when her head hits the pillow, she's OUT!  She plays with Jay Michael and does her sisters hair.  Of all our children, she is the one most often alone.  She treasures her family, but, she likes to break away from the pack.  She loves fruit.  Samantha says she will live at home until she finishes college.  She prefers summer to winter.  She likes to go places and explore.  Samantha does not like to watch TV, but she does like movies.  She says she doesn't want to drive, but, we'll see about that when it comes her next birthday.  She is moody - storming away one minute and asking what's for desert the next.  Samantha is kind, and fair.  She will break up an argument of her siblings and wants to keep the peace.  She is outdoorsy and is not afraid to get messy.  She's a confidant and friend to her older sister and a playmate and protector of her younger sisters and brother. 

We love you, Schmoop.  You are a vital and vibrant part of our family and we want you to succeed and shine.  Go get 'em, Samantha!

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