12 July 2012

Allergies ...

Jay Michael was borm with asthma and allergies.  He's been medicated, treated and hospitalized.  Do you think any of this could slow him down?  Nope.  He had a check up with his pediatric allergist last week and he got 34 pricks in his back, to test 34 allergens.  The bad news is that he is still allergic to all nuts.  This is serious allergy, but, his numbers have improved.  He also still reacts strongly to grass.  The good news is that he is no longer reacting to two of his old triggers - eggs and dogs.  So, NO NUTS for JayMichael, but, he's getting better.  On the asthma side, he is still wheezey when he's outside for long (uhm, soccer....but that doesn't stop him) and he breathes heavily at night while he sleeps.  He's medicated for the asthma, and he is very good about his breathers - his beaving teetmint - as he calls it.

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