07 July 2012

Girls' Camp

The ladies go to Girls' Camp after they turn 12. It's almost a week long and they have classes, do outdoorsy stuff and it's all based on the curriculum at church. This year the ladies went three hours north of home to Mena, and suffered through 100+ temperatures. They will probably tell you it isn't their favorite summer activity, but, look at these smiles.  They are having fun! They came back singing silly camp songs and made some friends with the other girls from all over Arkansas.

This is a cabin, (not bad accommodations for their week), and the last picture is from Bishop's night - the one night that the girls get a visitor from home, Bishop and Sister King, sitting to his left.  Rachel is in the background, behind Sister King and Samantha seems to be telling us all to be quiet.  Who knows what they were up to...

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