16 July 2012

On the road!

In the great state of Arkansas, some politician, some long time ago, somehow thought that 14 years old is old enough to ---- drive a car.  Yes, it's true.  At 14, Rachel took the test for her permit.  She passed on the second go round - the first time she took the test she discovered she was studying from the wrong material.  Now with permit in hand, she can drive a car with any licensed driver over 18 years old.  She drives our family all over town now, and considers it her newest right.  Actually, she does really well.  She asks questions as we go, and she's learning and gaining judgment.  Way to go, Rachel.  At 16, she can get a permit and drive alone.  I think that will be the really scary part for me.  At least now I'll be in the passenger seat if something happens.  Parenting is hard.

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