23 July 2012

Piranhas, 2012

Another swim season is over.  Charlotte competed for the local parks and rec team, in the 9/10 age division.  Her best times at the end of the season were all better than when she began, and that is the ultimate goal of swimming - it's a sport not so much about beating others, but, it's about beating your own best.

Charlotte had two main coaches - Coach Debbie (in blue) and Coach Andie (in yellow).  The team practiced Monday through Thursday from 7:30 to 9:00 am.  Charlotte was up and ready every morning - no complaints.  She qualified for the Arkansas state meet in four strokes (everything but breastroke - not her favorite). 

Here are her times:
50 yard freestyle: 36.94 - GOLD (ranked #13 in the state)
50 yard backstroke: 47.59 - SILVER (ranked #23 in the state)
50 yard butterfly: 43.09 - GOLD (ranked #7 in the state)
100 yard IM: 1:36:39 - SILVER (ranked #17 in the state)

We are so proud of you, Charlotte - swim fast, swim hard!

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