19 July 2012

Dance Team 2012

Last spring Samantha tried out for the dance team for her junior high school.  Only 20 girls make the team and they dance at the football and basketball games, plus pep rallies and school spirit-type events.  She was so excited to make it - she worked hard and earned her spot.  This past week, the team traveled to a college about an hour away and spent time together learning new skills, team building and preparing for the upcoming season.  This picture is Samantha in her competition outfit - after she returned from her week.  Her coach had great things to say about her individually and about the team, she had a half dozen ribbons for her own efforts at camp.  She's off to a great start (and she teaches the rest of us her moves!).  Way to go, Samantha!

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Anit Thapaliya said...

gud luck