01 July 2012

Piranha In The Water

Charlotte is back in the swing of swim - She is a Piranha!  This year she is competing on a different level, since she is now in the 9-12 age division.  Last year she was at the top of the 7-8 year olds, and now she's at the bottom of the 9-12 year olds.  But she's only at the bottom if you count by age.  If you go by speed - she's at the top of her division!  Scoring in swimming is not cut and dry (pun intended...).  The most important time to beat is your own time, but, secondly, the USSA produces guidelines for each age and stroke.  Basically, you take Charlotte's time, apply it to a chart, and you see how she stands up with national averages.  These times are gold, silver and bronze.  Ideally, you want to always beat your last time and swim gold in each stroke.  With already three meets under belt for the 2012 season, Charlotte is: gold in freestyle; silver in backstroke; gold in butterfly; silver in breaststroke; and silver in IM (individual medley, one lap of each stoke, all done in one race).  In short, we are pretty proud of Charlotte - and so are her coaches!  She's on fire in the water!
In this video, Charlotte is in lane two, second from the top.  Green cap.
She was so excited that they called out her name at the end!

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