20 July 2012

Josephine at work....

Everyone is having such a busy summer.  Rae is driving, Samantha is dancing, Charlotte is swimming, and Josephine is...going to work with Mom.  Today at work was purposely quiet.  The attorney I work for was not in, and so the other assistant and I use days like these to catch up, organize and enlist child labor for chores like shredding.
See that huge stack of paper?  It's probably 700 pages.  Joey's job today was to shred.  All day.  'Til it's gone.  She got the job done.  See that white trash bag she's using as a chair?  It's the first bag of shredding she filled today.  It made a fine shred stool.

Shredding is messy.  Joey had to take sweeping brakes, which she used to fill the time while the shredder was cooling down.  She used it non-stop, and it would shut off when it became too hot.  Shredding is also noisy.  She had to be mindful of when a client would pop in the office, or when we were on the phone - she could only shred if conditions were right. 

At the end of her eight hour work day (except a lunch break - Popeye's, her favorite place to eat) - Joey had filled five bags with freshly shredded paper.  She carried them to the dumpster, too!  A good day's work and a good day hanging out with Mom at the office!  Thank you, Josephine!

2 screams from the fans...:

Amy Anson said...

So cute! I also love your new picture this month. We just drove out to Utah to see family and past all the farms harvesting their hay. I love it!

Dave Brumbley said...

Ahhh, the memories of child labor. Josephine, if it's any consolation, that used to be MY job back in the day. I was good, too, but it doesn't sound like she made it quite as complicated for me as she did for you. In any event, I sympathize, and I congratulate you on your excellent shredding ethic. --- Love, Your Uncle Dave