28 June 2014

Lake Day - 2014

The youth in our ward have an annual "Lake Day".  The leaders, other members who own boats, and the youth head to Greer's Ferry Lake - about 45 minutes north of us - to enjoy the natural wonders, lake culture, and plenty of good food.  Our morning started out calling for showers, but, as soon as the kids were headed lakebound the skies cleared enough to let them stay and play.  Lake culture is something I've learned living in central Arkansas.  I come from ocean culture - surfboards, boardwalks, kites and marlin tournaments.  Here we have lake culture - waterskiing, pontoon boats, cliff jumping and an awareness of snakes and lots of other critters.  As I grew up with jellyfish and oyster boats, Arkansas kids grow up with water snakes and inner tubes.  In short, oceans are cold, full of waves and currents and salty - lakes are warmer, easygoing and sometimes muddy.  At the end of the day they are just as similar as they are different; we just need to get out and enjoy the beauties of nature.
Samantha - mid cliff jump

 Rachel - no cliff jumping for this one  Read this post and you will know why.

The bunch of youth and the fearless leaders.  Bless their hearts.
Rachel is in the hat, second form the left in the front row and Samantha is two to the right - pink top and cutoffs.
Rachel took a video of Samantha's jump from the cliff.  This is almost three stories high.  No thank you.  On this trip Samantha also water skied for the first time.  She got up on her first try and absolutely is sold.  Samantha says it's a good upper body workout to stay straight and she is ready to go back and ski all day.

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Marc and Liz Anson said...

Brave kiddos! Looks terrifying & fun:)