19 June 2014

Piranhas 2014

Swimmers take your marks....and another summer means another swim season.  This is Charlotte's fourth season with the Cabot Piranhas.  This is the summer rec league.  Basically, if you can swim the length of the pool without stopping, you can be on the team.  Charlotte does all the meets with the Piranhas, but, she still practices with her other team, the Dolphin Lasers.   Dolphin's practice starts with a warm up of eight laps.  Dolphins push her; the coach says they don't practice - they train.  Charlotte thrives.  She loves it and she does well.  It's a wonderful thing to watch her swim.

But, the meets for Dolphins are tough - Dallas, New Orleans, St. Louis.  Right now our budget does not let us do an overnight meet, plus the travel expenses involved.  So for now, Charlotte goes to meets with the rec team - and finishes with great times - while she practices with the competitive team.  It's a great arrangement for us and it serves Charlotte well.  The coach is the same for both teams!

Charlotte, Emily, Izzy and Grace
THE 11-12 year old girls freestyle relay team.
Cabot Piranhas - Veni.  Natavi. Veci.

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Amy Anson said...

Oh!You can stay at our house if you come to St. Louis!!! We have a queen bed and couch in the basement and we will feed you.