05 June 2014

Cute Kid Quote: Samantha Marie

Cute kid quote today (plus backstory):  via Samantha, 14 years old

With seven people in our family, we sometimes run out of things.  There are days in our kitchen that you can't find a clean spoon or cup.  Frequently, we can't find a clean towel.  It seems no matter how diligent I try to be, or how diligently I stay on the kids to finish their chores, we are running low or out of something.

That being said, yesterday I saw Samantha pouring orange juice into a bowl.  I watched and wondered what she was doing.  Was she going to add cereal?  She put the orange juice back in the refrigerator and proceeded to drink the juice like the bowl was a cup.

Samantha?, I said.  We have clean cups.  Charlotte and I just did the dishes.  Why are you drinking orange juice out of a bowl? 

Because, Mom, I've had to use a bowl before as a cup and I like it.  It makes me feel Chinese. 

Ok, Samantha.  Ok.  I'm not quite sure what this all means, but, I just hope we aren't doing too much damage to these amazing spirits in our home that we have the honor of raising.  What a ride.

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