17 June 2014

Another school year over....

You are all familiar with those families that post pictures of their kids and talk about National Honor Society or the Citizenship Award, or straight A's?  Well.  We are NOT that family.  Our ladies and JMichael all have their individual strengths.  They also have their struggles and this year was a tough year academically.

I can't say that I'm proud of my kids for their straight A's, but I CAN say THIS {proudly}:

First, Rachel, tenth grade.  She had a D in APUSH (advanced placement US history) at the mid point of the last nine weeks.  Her final grade: B.  Awesome job, Rachel.

Second, Samantha, ninth grade.  She had a 32%.  Yes.  32% in computer applications.  Her final grade: B.  And she had a 45% in English (she HATES English).  Her final grade: C.  Way to go, Samantha.

Third, Charlotte, fifth grade.  She had a 57% in math.  Her final grade: B!  Whoa!  Good work, Charlie.

So Honor Roll?  Nah.  National Honor Society?  Nope.  But working when the going gets tough - yes.  Learning that they alone are responsible for the outcome and hard work - let's hope so.  Understanding that maybe working all along would save them a lot of work at the end - that would be GREAT!  And realizing that Mom and Dad talk to their teachers and keep up with them behind their backs - yes, we sure do.

And Josephine and JMichael?  What about them?  JMichael was already covered for his kindergarten exploits in an earlier post.  And Josephine?  Shhhh.  Don't tell her or her sisters - but, she's a bright kid.  All gifted and talented classes, all easy 3's (the highest mark in elementary school).  She's breezing through now - but, her sisters all started in G/T, too, and only Rachel stayed in.

They are all gifted and talented.  Samantha struggled and fought her way through English but has a 98% in her AP algebra class.  Rachel fought history memorization of dates and people, but, put her on a stage and she can recite lines all day.  They all struggle; they all excel.  We love them, each and every one.

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Anonymous said...

I think Samantha and I work with different sides of the brain! I never had any problems with my English classes, but I think that if I ever had a 98% in a math class (let alone AP Algebra... that never happened) that I would have fainted! Math and I are NOT friends. It's great to see that all of your kids are pushing through adversity, whatever it may be. :)