26 June 2014

Summer Sights

This is a crawdad mound.  For those of you who are not from the south, I will explain just a little about this common sight in Arkansas.  A crawdad mound is constructed by a crawdad, and it is made of the wet sand he has excavated as he digs.  The crawdads live down in these holes and you can "fish" for crawdads using bread on the end of a heavy string.  You lower the bread down into the hole until the crawdad becomes interested.  As you pull the string out - slowly - the poor foolish crawdad will follow the bread into your jar.  Boil and add some old bay seasoning - you have dinner.  Crawdads are also called mudbugs or crawfish.  These mounds pop up all over the low lying wet areas of central Arkansas.  They are part of our summer landscape.

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