07 June 2014

Chipmunks Soccer Team 2014

Another soccer season has come and gone for JMichael.  For the spring 2014 season he played U6, for the Chipmunks.  Yes, Chipmunks.  Ask a group of 5 and 6 year old kids what animal they choose for a mascot and you just don't know what you might get.

So JMichael's Chipmunk team was coached by a sweet lady - Sarah Wells. Coach Wells is the kind of person that rec league soccer is made of - perfectly willing and totally inexperienced.  She walked into coaching armed only with the knowledge that her girl wanted to play and the attitude of "how hard can it be?"

Coach Wells was at every practice and had the kids run laps and dribble, sort of.  It only took one practice for James to decide that he had to step in.  He was highly medicated and hurting after each
session, but, he helped Coach Wells by getting the kids to run drills, play some defensive type games and learn a few plays.

According to JMichael, the Chipmunks won every game.  We aren't supposed to really keep score that this level of play, but, I think he's right.  The important part is that JMichael had a fantastic time.  He sharpened his skills, he made some sweet friends and he just plain enjoyed himself.  That's what rec soccer is all about when you are six years old.

Seated: Skyler, Kaelyn, JMichael, Landry, Addison and Elizabeth
Chipmunks 2014

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