05 September 2012

Greer's Ferry Lake

For Labor Day this year we hit the open road.  About 45 minutes north is a lake.  It's quite the attraction around here.  Since I was raised at the oceanfront, lakes just don't do much for me.  But, Greer's Ferry Lake is a bunch of fun.  The water is clear and cool.  There are small sandy beaches and lots of rocky shores.  Lots of families go there for boating and tubing.  Since James is in considerably less pain when he's in the water, we tried to hang out in the pools and lakes as much as we can.  We just played and had a great day out soaking up the last of summer's rays.

We had beautiful weather!  And a great ride through the Arkansas countryside.

Charlotte jumps off of a cliff.  Yes.  Great parenting, I know.  The cliff is about thirty feet and Charlotte is nine.
Rachel also jumps off of a 30 foot cliff.  Rachel actually went first and demonstrated that you would not, actually die from the jump.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that just before impact, Rachel stuck her feet out in front of her and hit the water bum first.  She was red instantly - like a bad sunburn.  Even days later she is bruised and sore.  She's carrying a pillow around school.  But, at least she has a badge - she jumped off of a 30 foot cliff.
We also partook in another local custom - rock riding.  The lake is very deep and it drops off quickly.  Rock riding is the sport of finding a large rock, diving straight down to the bottom, and letting go of the rock when you hit bottom - as Charlotte puts it, you know you are at the bottom cause it's cold and dark.  The rock makes you sink quickly.  Rock riding - the next olympic sport!  In this clip, Charlotte and Samantha are demonstrating.

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Amy Anson said...

That lake looks absolutely perfect! I have been wanting to go to a place like that. I love your picture for the month. The book idea is fun!