31 May 2014

Our Last Kindergartener....

JMichael has officially finished kindergarten.  It's sad, really.  We will never have a kindergartener again.  Kindergarten is so fun.  He's learned so much and he actually has no idea that he has come so far.  His teacher, Mrs. Lisa Hardage, is amazing.  JMichael gave her some fits at the beginning of the year, because it was then that we discovered that he is dyslexic.  He confuses and transposes his letters and numbers.  Without batting an eye, Mrs. Hardage set our little man up with a reading specialist, Mrs. Roberts.  In the course of a year, JMichael has conquered every obstacle his teachers threw his way.  He can read, he can read numbers and he has every confidence in himself.  He is, in short, amazing, and his teachers never doubted him.  He will take the written word slowly at first, but, he is on track with any other kid in his class who can tell the difference between a b and a d. 

JMichael says kindergarten was fun and he loves PE.  He made some good friends.  Mrs. Hardage told me that JMichael is a sweet sweet boy and he makes a point, every day, to say goodbye to her before he leaves for the day.  What a gentleman.

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