03 August 2016

Tasty Freeze - the Dynasty is born

Rachel has been at Tasty Freeze for well over a year now - and when Samantha turned 17 I told her it was high time she got a job too.  So where do you apply when your sister is the shift leader at the local hang out burger and shake joint?  Yes, Tasty Freeze.  Samantha applied and interviewed and they actually work really well together.  The owner asked Rachel before hiring Samantha if they get along.  Rachel replied, well we shared a room for 17 years.  We get along just great.  And I'd love to be her official boss.  So far it's working out fine.  Samantha likes working, loves tips, and they can run the store.  It's kind of amazing to me - working the grills, handling money, dealing with customers.  I'm very proud of them both.  My big ladies - making their way in the world.  Charlotte and Josephine, by the way, fully intend on working at Tasty Freeze, too.  Fine by me.  On a side note, the owner doesn't hire boys.  He only hires girls.  So JMichael will be on his own!

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