15 August 2016

First Day - 2016 - 2017

 The obligatory first day of school pictures were different this year for two reasons - one significant, and one bothersome.  First, the bothersome - it's raining!  We have never had a rainy first day of school before and it made pictures more complicated - though they still turned out great, I think - and it made traffic beastly.  Buses were late, people forgot how to drive, parents dropped kids only at the doors of the school and not in the whole line - it was a mess.

The second difference is that we are down by one - Rachel graduated and I will have pictures of her beginning college when that happens later on.  For now, we are four.....Samantha is a senior and she is not happy about it.  She has decided being an adult may be hard and she, bless her homebody heart, is cherishing these last months as a student and big kid.  Charlotte is in eighth grade and for the first time in her life she is not playing a sport.  This year she joined choir and is shinning.  She feels a little behind the curve because all the girls with her have had voice lessons and previous training.  But like Samantha with six years on dance team and never had a class, Charlotte may just take over choir with her natural bravado and confidence.  Josephine is in sixth grade and at the top of the middle school food chain.  She's in some advanced classes and gets to move independently for part of her school day.  She likes her team and has some old friends in her classes, but, she is making new friends, too.  Her third grade teacher is also in the sixth grade now, so she has Mrs. Eastham again for language and literacy - her favorite!  JMichael is in the third grade and school is still so fun for him.  He says he is the fastest kid in his class and his best buddy, Malachi, is also in his class.  He already, after a week of class, has a girlfriend - his old flame Harper - and so he is back in his old swing - third grade is friends and fun, with a little math - his favorite - and some reading thrown in, because they make him do it.   (His dysgraphia and dyslexia classes are helping, but, reading is challenge.  He's doing great and his teachers are amazing.)

The Ball Team - academic year 2016-2017!

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