28 July 2016

Splash - July 2016

Our July splash is patriotic, huh?  In keeping with the birth of this great nation, we decided that fireworks would be appropriate.  I grew up in Maryland and fireworks were illegal.  There was always a fireworks display for the town on the Fourth of July, and shows after baseball games, or on special occasions at the beach, but, you wouldn't just go to the store and pick up fireworks for your own personal afternoon recreation.  Here in Arkansas, it's practically encouraged.  Tents pop up literally overnight, like mushrooms after a rain, just in time for New Years, the Fourth and Memorial Day.  We are in the habit of picking up the half price ones on July 5th so that we can have some on hand for birthdays and random afternoons.   James lit these TNT look-alikes on the Fourth out in our street.  Don't try this at home!

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